1 October 2021

Having completed the summer expansion program, Omega now has outright ownership of Alluvial and Mineral tenures in excess of 8,738 hectares (87km2).

The company remains focused on producing Stock Exchange compliant reports (NI 43-101) and to that end is undertaking further geophysical surveys and trenching work on key sites as detailed in the following pages. Although there was some incidental gold production, some 2.75 kilos in September, primarily work is focused towards providing detailed NI 43-101 compliant reports to prove the estimated gold reserves on some of the most strategically located properties. This is a key element of the company’s strategy on its path to an early listing.

Some 500 metric tons of material has been excavated and processed on three location test pits. The results were very encouraging, exceeding expectations. The gold images shown in this update are gold fragments and nuggets incidentally extracted from the three sites in September during the main surveying/trenching work. The excavation, drilling, surveying and other geophysical studies supporting the reporting work will continue through October and, weather conditions permitting, early November. Regarding the processing of the initial body of data needed for Stock Exchange compliant reports, the relevant geological and resistivity data, as well as the data collected from the trenching work and relevant test Pits will be compiled and redacted during November 2021 by the appointed competent third parties.

The purpose of this update is to present brief visual examples of some of the activities in Zone 1 & 2 during August and September. A more detailed report is expected to be ready for the next update at the end of October.

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