September 2023

  • 2023 has been a pivotal year for Omega Minerals Plc, marked by significant strides and accomplishments. Our journey, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to creating exceptional value and facilitating a prosperous exit for seed investors and shareholders, is unfolding impressively.
  • From inception, Omega Minerals Plc outlined a dual-focused blueprint for success. The initial goal encompassed the acquisition of gold-rich properties within the Eureka Thrust/Cardinal Channel in British Columbia, Canada. Concurrently, utilising cutting-edge exploration and surveying methodologies, the company meticulously compiled data to pinpoint optimal exploration and drilling locales, laying the groundwork for the discovery of a prolific gold resource.
  • As we approach the close of September 2023, extensive drilling and geophysical surveys have been conducted on multiple mineral and alluvial properties, pivotal to ongoing M&A negotiations in Singapore. These endeavors are aligned with our strategy to maximize shareholder value and secure a lucrative exit for our stakeholders. Through independent certification to NI 43-101 standards, forthcoming reports will substantiate and quantify our resource estimates, now projected to surpass 3.2 million troy ounces based combined mineral and alluvial reserves based on recent data gathered from the “3065 collection” Omega properties, as well as from initial findings on the other existing 50 sq Km Omega Minerals Plc gold properties portfolio

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